Besides being a dedicated economic researcher, I am an amateur artist who lingers in museums and galleries on weekends. Here are some of my works that I'd like to share!

A woman whom I call Ursula

Pastel on drawing paper.

Inspired by Gauguin's painting "Why are you angry?" and Marquez's book "One Hundred Years of Solitude".

A study of Vermeer's "Girl with a pearl earring"

Charcoal on drawing paper.

Sunset on a random street in Chicago

Color pencils and markers on drawing paper.

More about banana

Collage with color pencils and markers.

Inspired by an exhibition called "Hairy, who?" about six artists who showed at the Hyde Park Art Center on Chicago's South Side in the 1960's. Provocative, progressive, and transformative.

This American Life

Charcoal with modern technology

A collection of items from the exhibition "PHOTOGRAPHY + FOLK ART: Looking for America in the 1930s".

A woman disheveled

Acrylic on canvas

Based on a sketch of mine from a figure drawing session.